Playtech Is Pulling Out Of Several Countries and Is Considering Pulling Out Of Canada

Playtech is one of the most prolific and successful developers of online gambling software, and provides the technology behind hundreds of online casino sites. Many of these online casino operators do business in every country in the world, regardless of local gambling law. These offshore online casino sites may soon face a problem, as Playtech is beginning to withdraw its products from several key locations around the globe. This means that any online casino using Playtech developed software will no longer be able to offer these online casino games in those countries.

Currently, Playtech is planning to pull out of Finland and the Netherlands. Canada was also included in this short list originally, but Playtech rescinded this shortly after the news was released of the pull out. This also affects all affiliates that work with Playtech, and this has repercussions for some pretty large online gambling companies, such as Titan Poker.

Make no mistake, this is a serious situation. Playtech is an affluent online casino software developer, but it is dependent upon selling licenses for its products to online casino operators. Restricting the locations in which this online gambling software can be made available will undoubtedly have serious ramifications with regards to Playtech’s sales and marketing. This is an indication of how serious Playtech sees the infringement of local gambling law.

Canada has a very simple position when it comes to online gambling law. Online casino play is illegal, as is providing online gambling services. However, very few prosecutions have ever been made. So companies that still operate online casino sites with Canadian players, are banking on the fact the status quo will be maintained. Playtech is obviously positioning itself to pull out of Canada if it needs to.

So why is Playtech pulling out of these markets? Well, one good reason could be so that the company does not fall foul of any grandfather clauses that are included in USA gambling law changes. These clauses state that online gambling companies that have previously been the wrong side of USA gambling law are disqualified from applying for any localized state level online gambling licenses. We believe that when other countries, such as Canada, begin to follow the example set by the USA, then they will also have such clauses. So pulling out of these countries now, may keep the door open in the future for Playtech.

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