The Basics Of Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is an online blackjack variant found only at Playtech online casinos. Canadian players can access this game at Omni Casino and Mansion Casino. The player places two equal bets for two hands. After the initial two cards are dealt to each player hand, they have the option of interchanging the second cards dealt to each hand. After that each hand is played independently in the usual blackjack manner.

You should make the switch only if it increases the combined strength of both player hands. You can obviously use your intuition or assessment in taking this decision, but this can lead to many errors unless you are an expert blackjack player. Fortunately, to decide correctly special Blackjack Switch tables have been devised. You can refer to these tables while playing Blackjack Switch online. The tables are based on “expectation values” which have been determined through computer simulation for player’s two card hands and the dealer’s face up card. The expectation values can vary from +1 to -1. An expectation value close to +1 indicates a high likelihood of winning from that that hand. An expectation value close to -1 indicates a high likelihood of losing. You have to first sum the expectation values of both hands as dealt and then of both hands assuming the switch will be made. If the total of expectations after the switch is more than the total before the switch only then must the switch be made.

The switch move gives the player an advantage, and therefore the playing field must be levelled. Two rules are tweaked in favour of the house. Blackjack pays even money instead of 3 to 2 and the dealer pushes on 22 whereas the player busts on 22. Playtech Blackjack Switch also offers an optional side bet called Super Match. This bet is decided on the first four cards dealt to the player. A pair pays even money, three of a kind pays 3 to 1, two pairs pays 8 to 1and four of a kind pays 40 to 1.

After deciding on the switch you have to play both hands using optimum blackjack strategy. There is a separate strategy card that gives the optimum move for each situation. If Blackjack Switch is played using optimum strategy for both parts of the game then the average return to the player is 99.4%. The Super Match side bet offers a lower average return of 97.5%.

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