Online Casino Games

What games would you like to play in an online casino?

There indeed plenty of them to choose from. Most of them aren't much different from the game you will encounter in a land-based casino, though in the online casino atmosphere they take on a little more "pizzazz."

Let's take a brief look at some of the games you're likely to come across:

The Top 10 Canadian Online Casino Sites

Featured in the listing below are a selection of the top 10 Canadian player focused online casinos. Each of these casinos are licensed and regulated, powered by top rated casino software and offer a huge selection of slots, blackjack and other fun games.

Casino Rank Bonus Software Payout Rating
#1 Royal Vegas Casino CAD$ 1200 Microgaming 98.32% 4.8 Visit | Download | Review
#2 Omni Casino CAD$ 1818 Playtech 97.43% 4.6 Visit | Download | Review
#3 Roxy Palace Casino CAD$ 1250 Microgaming 98.21% 3 Visit | Download | Review
#4 All Slots Casino CAD$ 1600 Microgaming 98.58% 4 Visit | Download | Review
#5 Aztec Riches Casino CAD$ 850 Microgaming 96.60% 4.4 Visit | Download | Review
#6 Jackpot City Casino CAD$ 1600 Microgaming 98.41% 4.8 Visit | Download | Review
#7 Spin Palace Casino CAD$ 1000 Microgaming 96.40% 4.5 Visit | Download | Review
#8 Ruby Fortune Casino CAD$ 750 Microgaming 98.00% 4.3 Visit | Download | Review

Taking a Look at the Various Online Casino Games

The most popular games both in land based casinos and online are slots, blackjack and video poker with slots being by far the most popular among players. Learn about these popular casino games and more below.


Slot games are a very easy thing to learn. And that is part of the attraction. They may be the most popular - and profitable - part of an online casino's business.

For the most part, this is a very uncomplicated process, although there are certainly some slot games (like video slots) that are more involved than others. What's good about the "next generation" stuff is that they offer you a lot of ways to win, in addition to creating an opportunity for small money players and high-roller types to hit big.

Along those lines, there are slot games that are attached to progressive jackpots, so big that you have to see them to believe them.


Blackjack in an online casino offers you an opportunity to play with the same options as you will in the land-based environment, but may offer a little more. The object of this game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, or stay under 21 while the dealer exceeds it.

When you are looking at the online menu of blackjack games, you are going to see a number of variations, depending on which software provider's games you are using. These reflect different sets of rules that can be made available to you. You've got a lot of choices.

You can do well with blackjack in an online casino if you are in a position to play a solid Basic Strategy, which would get you close to a break-even game.

Video Poker

One of the advantages of video poker is that it is rather familiar to players, who have often played a five-card version of the game on their living room table. In video poker you are playing against the house, not against opponents. And it helps to know something about basic strategy when embarking on the game.

There are many variations of the game, including Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild and more. The game involves receiving five cards, designating which ones to hold, and getting new cards on the draw. The pay table lets you know what each winning combination will pay.


Roulette is a wonderful game that has a certain mystique, but is very accessible when it comes to the online casino environment. You can play either "American" roulette, where there is both a zero and double zero on the wheel, or the "European" version, where there is just the single zero. At most online casinos, you will find both versions, and at some of them, you'll find even more.

Winning numbers pay off at 35-to-1. Combinations of numbers can also be bet, and they will pay off at various rates. Knowing the bets is important, as you can cover as many as eighteen numbers at once.


Craps is a game that may take longer for the beginner to understand than most other casino games, but for the excitement it provides, it may be worth it. In this game, there is a generic "shooter," who makes a "come-out" bet, where there is the opportunity to make a "point." What you are able to do up until this time and afterward is going to be a determinant as to whether you are going to succeed, and that involves studying the rules.

Knowing the odds on rolls of the dice and the payouts on the various bets is essential as well. If you're just beginning, start with the "help" files that are attached to the casino software, and let the explanation come step-by-step.


Baccarat is a game that is probably misunderstood by some. But it is not difficult, once you get a few of the basic rules down. There are two hands, the Player and the Banker. You are going to place a wager on either of these hands, or on a tie. The winning hand is the one that comes closest to nine (9); that is, in the second digit (in the case of two-digit totals). If you win on either the Player or Banker hand, you will be paid at a rate of even money. If you bet the tie and it wins, you are paid 8-to-1.


Keno is more exciting in the online casino than it is in the land-based casino, because it can be played at any pace you want it to. Of course, you are going to be playing with the big keno "board" that goes from 1 to 80, and you are going to pick fifteen of your own numbers, looking to match as many of them as you can. The software will mark your card for you, and will pay you off automatically in accordance with the pay table that is provided. It's an easy game that online gaming makes even easier!