We Ask the Question Whether Canada Is Going To Follow the USA in Online Gambling Law?

Around 18 months ago, the USA did something that it is slowly coming to regret. It kicked all of the major online gambling companies that were providing online poker via their online casino sites, out of the country, by changing gambling law. This was a mistake, as many of the States in the USA are now realizing. By getting rid of the big online gambling companies and online poker rooms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt and PartyPoker, they didn’t kill off online poker, they simply forced people to play literally under the table, at smaller sites that operate offshore. The upshot of this is the government was less well off, it lost gambling tax income, and American online poker players were playing at less well regulated online casino sites.

The USA is slowly coming to realize that online gambling is big business, and gambling tax revenue could be huge. Many states are changing local gambling law and allowing licensed online casino sites to operate within their borders.

Now Canada is yet to do anything logical about its online gambling law, it seems to flip flop between a totally non-gambling stance, and then allowing loopholes to be exploited. Just look at the aboriginal run online casino sites that have now opened up, with Northern Bear being the first, that have been allowed to use a loophole in Canadian gambling law to stay open. Meanwhile, other international sites are barred from the country. And then we have the online gambling sites operated by the government managed state lottery corporations, they are managed under a whole different type of online gambling law.

Canada has the capacity to be at the forefront of Western hemisphere online gambling, it should be, there is no doubt about that, the gambling tax the government could accrue is immense. Instead, Canada is operating this provincially administered style of gambling legislation, that is not doing anyone a favor, least of all us, the Canadian online gamblers.

The national government needs to step in, and formulate a sensible set of gambling laws that a) protects the local online gamblers, and b) ensures that Canada gets at least its fair share of global online gambling tax revenue. We know it I inevitable that online gambling will eventually become legal, so why wait? Jump in now with both feet and grab a large market share.

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