The Online Gambling Industry in Canada Is Facing Major Changes We Take a Look at What Is Going On

There has been some really crazy things going on with online gambling in Canada in the last week or two. Things that are seriously going to affect online casino sites that offer online gambling services to Canadian online gamblers. Things that will potentially stop Canada from grabbing a chunk of the western online gambling market.

First of all we have Playtech pulling out of Canada. Originally Playtech said it wouldn’t but a few days later reversed its decision, and told every online casino and online gambling affiliate that it works with, that they could no longer offer Playtech games to Canadian online gamblers.

And now, another massive piece of news is going to rock the online gambling industry in Canada. Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, has been the main payment processor used by Canadian online gamblers to fund their online casino account for years. But now more, Skrill is now pulling out of online gambling in Canada.

Skrill has said that it will keep processing online gambling related transactions until January the 2nd, and then online casino operators will have until the end of January to make sure that all Canadian online gamblers have been paid out, and then Skrill will withdraw its service for online casino sites completely.

When we compare the situation in Canada, with that in the USA, we can clearly see that unless the Canadian government does something to ensure that online gambling is made legal within the country, then not only will Canadian online gamblers lose out, but so will the nation, as it sees the potential for gambling tax revenue disappear across the border into the USA, where states like New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada are all allowing legalized online gambling.

So, Playtech is now gone from Canada, as are all online casino sites that want to continue providing Playtech games. Titan casino still looks shaky, and we would not be surprised to see it change its mind once again. And now Skrill, one of the backbone payment processors of the global online gambling market, is stopping offering its services to Canadian online gamblers, and international online casino sites offering online gambling within Canada. The future is looking very grim indeed, and something needs to be done about this, and done fast, otherwise there will likely be very few online casino operators willing to allow Canadian players.

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