The Respin Feature in Microgaming Online Slots

Microgaming is a pioneer in online slots and has introduced several innovative features. One of them is the Respin feature. Microgaming first included this feature in Reel Gems and Retro Reels video slots in 2010 and has used it on and off since then. The Respin feature brings in player interaction in online slots. Simply stated, the Feature allows you to respin one of the reels keeping the others fixed, but for a price. The amount to be paid is a sunk cost and not added to the bet. There is no guarantee of a win after the respin. So the feature needs to be used after careful assessment of the situation.

The Microgaming online slots with the Respin feature are visually different. You will see a Respin button below each reel. You initiate the first spin in the usual manner. When the reels come to rest the accruing payouts will be made. Then, a value will be displayed below each Respin button. This is the cost of independently spinning only that reel. The values on each reel need not be the same. They will usually be different. The cost will depend on the payout potential of spinning that reel again. If you are likely to hit bigger payouts on a particular reel, the cost of the respin for that reel will be more.

If you decide to go in for the Respin feature, you click the Respin button below the desired reel. Your balance will be reduced by the respin value and only the chosen reel will spin again. Only new wins as a result of the respin will be paid out. New values will appear below all the reels again reflecting the changed potentialities. The Respin feature can be activated any number of times in succession but the cost will have to be paid each time. For the respin the original total bet amount is not deducted. The payouts will be made based on the standing line and total bet. If you do not want to activate the Respin feature, you simply click the Spin button and move on.

There are certain restrictions on the use of the Respin feature. If you change the bet amount then the respin values on all the reels will be reset to zero. The slot machine will issue a prompt message saying "Changing your bet forfeits all existing respins. Are you sure you wish to continue?" in order that you do not make the change inadvertently. The Respin feature is not available in the free spins bonus round.

Some of the other Microgaming slots with the Respin feature are Bikini Party and Dragon Dance. You can play them at Canadian online casinos like All Slots and Royal Vegas.

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