The Basics Of Online Video Poker

All Canadian online casinos offer video poker games and this category is quite popular. It is games category where players make skill based decisions and their returns are dependent on their expertise. If you play with optimum strategy you can achieve average returns of over 99%. Then there are a number of online video poker games so you have the required variety. Though each variant has a different payout table, the basic game play is the same.

After you place your bet, you will be dealt five cards from a single deck. You have the option of replacing as many of these cards as you want with new ones from the same deck. This means that you will not be dealt the card that you have removed. The objective is to increase the probability of your drawing a final hand that is on the payout table. You mark the cards you want to hold and the others are replaced. If your final hand ranking is on the payout table you get the corresponding payout.

Most Canadian online casinos also offer multi hand video poker. This essentially allows more hands to be played in a given time. You will be dealt the main hand face up as before and the other hands will be dealt face down. You mark the cards you want to hold on the main hand. The held cards are replicated in all other hands. Then the remaining cards in the main hand are replaced and the remaining cards in the other hands are turned over. Each hand is independently compared with the payout table and payouts awarded. You must bear in mind that each hand is dealt from a separate full deck.

Jacks or Better is the most popular variant of online video poker. In this game the payouts begin with a hand containing a pair of jacks or higher ranked cards and go up to a royal flush. There are some online video poker variants that use wild cards. In Deuces Wild all the twos can also act as wild cards and take the place of any other card to make the highest possible hand ranking. Joker Poker is played with a deck of 53 cards, in which the extra card is a joker and it acts like a wild card. The payout tables in such online video poker variants begin with higher ranked cards.

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