Taking a Look at the Roxy Palace Online Casino VIP Scheme for Canadian Online Gamblers

Most Canadian online gamblers do not have access to a locally licensed and operated online casino site, and those that do often find them lacking in features, as they are simply online lottery sites with a few additional online gambling games added. So many Canadian online gamblers start playing at an international online casino that offers online gambling games to Canadian players. One of the deciding factors in choosing an online casino to play at for Canadian online gamblers, is the VIP scheme the casino offers. Over time, regardless of other casino bonuses on offer, a good VIP scheme is the best form of casino promotion in most cases. Roxy Palace online casino has been a popular online gambler site with Canadian online gamblers for some time, and much of this popularity is due to the excellent VIP scheme the site offers.

First of all, not everyone is eligible for the Roxy Palace online casino VIP scheme. There are certain requirements that a player needs to meet before they can sign up. Check these requirements on the Roxy Palace site, as they are subject to change from time to time.

Once a player is accepted, there are a long list of benefits to be had from the Roxy Palace online casino VIP scheme, and these include:

Loyalty points earned by wagering at the casino will be converted at a higher rate.

VIP members get extra reward points, up to 25% more if they achieve platinum level.

Casino promotions and bonus offers give a higher percentage to VIP members.

Special VIP only bonus offers are provided regularly to members.

You will be assigned your own personal account manager.

Requests to withdraw funds are given priority for VIP members. This leads too much faster processing times.

Additional deposit and withdrawal methods are offered to members of the VIP scheme at Roxy Palace.

So we can clearly see that there are plenty of tangible benefits to be had by becoming a member of the VIP scheme at Roxy Palace online casino. The most useful of these are the extra loyalty points (which for high rollers can add a significant amount of value) and the additional VIP only casino promotions. Overall, the Roxy Palace online casino VIP scheme is one that Canadian online gamblers should take a long, hard look at, it is one of the best around at this time.

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