Promotions At Canada Online Casinos

All Canada online casinos offer promotional activities in order to keep players interested. The most common form of promotions is bonuses. These are extra funds provided by the casino. You can wager these funds and keep the winnings subject to the bonus terms and conditions. However, most players like promotional activities that create competition between them. Such promotions infuse camaraderie and life at the online casino.

There are two broad types of such promotions – leader board contests and prize draws. In leader board contests players earn points for performing certain activities. At the end of the promotion they are ranked according to the points earned. The designated top players on the leader board share the prizes. In most such leader board promotions you will be awarded points based on how much you wager. It may be like earning 1 leader board point for every CA$10 wagered. This immediately puts the low roller players at a disadvantage because high roller players have much larger bankrolls and wager much larger amounts. Low roller players should be careful that they do not extend their funds while participating in these promotions. Occasionally you will find online casinos levelling the playing field for low rollers. Points are awarded for a number of wagers placed and not the amount wagered.

Prize draw promotions are naturally more attractive for low rollers. For specific amounts wagered you earn a ticket to the prize draw. All the tickets are entered in a random draw, usually made by a computer process. Again a specified number of players win prizes. High rollers will earn more tickets because they can wager larger amounts. This will give them a greater chance of winning the prizes. But low rollers are not totally eliminated. If lucky, a player with only one ticket can win the top prize. In prize draw promotions there is a mechanism for levelling the playing field as well. The online casino can limit the number of tickets to the prize draw that a player can win. So high rollers will not be able to exploit their money power to the full.

Both these kinds of promotions offer similar prizes. Most popular are promotions that offer holiday packages to global tourist destination. You will find many promotions offering free trips to Las Vegas. Then there are branded goods and cash prizes. Lower in the pecking order are bonuses and free spins. These usually have wagering requirements attached and are therefore not as popular.

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