Progressive Jackpots At Canada Online Casinos

Players at Canadian online casinos have plenty of options for progressive jackpot slot machines. By their very nature these online slot games are a little different from the regular ones. So it is better to have an understanding of these online casino games before you start wagering.

The highest payout in a progressive jackpot does not remain fixed. It keeps on increasing with every spin till the jackpot is hit. The amount is then reset to a base level and starts rising again. Take the example of Mega Moolah, which is a popular progressive jackpot at Microgaming powered Canadian online casinos. It has a reset level of 1 million and was recently hit at over 7 million. The staked amount remains the same. So as the progressive jackpot ticker rises, the return to the player increases. As a result more players start wagering on the progressive slot and the ticker grows faster.

An important fact to keep in mind is that the progressive jackpot has equal chance of being hit irrespective of the ticker level. This would be true at least for the progressive jackpots from the leading software providers to Canadian online casinos. So it does not matter whether Mega Moolah is at 1.5 million or 5.5 million. The chances of it being hit are the same.

You often will read that a progressive jackpot is ripe to be hit. There are two types of reasons given. The first reason is that the progressive jackpot usually hits every so many days on an average and now it has gone longer than that without a hit. The second reason is that the progressive jackpot’s average payout has been so and so amount and now it is ticking beyond that. To say that a hit is imminent when these landmarks are reached is not correct. But sooner or later the progressive jackpot will be hit. It is probably a good time to start wagering on the progressive jackpots around these times for another reason. The average returns will be higher.

Two of the best progressive jackpots at Canada online casinos are Mega Moolah and Beach Life. Mega Moolah is live at Microgaming online casinos. Five slot machines are networked to the same progressive jackpot, which can be hit from any one of them. The progressive jackpot is hit through a randomly triggered bonus game. Beach Life is from the software provider Playtech. It is a standalone progressive slot game and is hit by getting five like symbols in the last payline.

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