Paf has signed Proactive Gaming to Replace Canadian Parlay Entertainment

Back in 2010, Canadian based online casino developer Parlay Entertainment, was signed up by Paf of Sweden, to produce an online bingo game. It seems that despite more than three years having passed, Canadian based Parlay Entertainment has failed to deliver up to the expectations of Paf, and has now been replaced with Proactive Gaming.

Parlay Entertainment was supposed to integrate its online bingo product, Parlay5, into the Paf. The contract between Parlay Entertainment of Canada, and Paf of Sweden, is up for renewal this year, and Paf have chosen not to take this option and instead sign a new provider.

PAf has some big plans for its new online bingo provider, Proactive Gaming, and the Head of Games for Paf, Kim Johansson has made a statement, that shows where Paf wants to be heading, she has said that they, "hope to develop the industry’s best bingo product, with extensive experience and unique knowledge to go the whole distance and eventually create unique experiences for customers.”

So we can see that Paf is still very focused on delivering a great online bingo experience, despite ditch Canadian based Parlay Entertainment. Proactive Gaming also seems to be quite bullish about this new deal, and the CEO, Paul Burman has spoken out regarding this new trading partnership, saying that is a, "relationship very much a match made in heaven. A standard bearer for great customer care, their profit goes to public good and they have a deep experience of gaming.”

So it’s bad news for Parlay Entertainment of Canada, the company that was previously tied in with Paf to create an online gambling platform hit included online bingo. We have not seen any statement over the ditching of Parlay Entertainment and the replacement of them by Proactive Gaming from Parlay Entertainment at all, we can only guess that they are less than please.

However, we have to consider that Paf is a Swedish company, as is Proactive Gaming, and we are sure that some of the reason for Paf ditching Parlay Entertainment stems from this fact. It is far easier to deal with trading partnerships in the same country, than it is those that cross international borders. We think it will be interesting to see if Proactive Entertainment manage to deliver a better online gambling experience for Paf, than Canadian based Parlay Entertainment have. We are not too sure that they will in truth, but who knows?

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