Online High Streak Blackjack Raises Adrenalin

Many players avoid online blackjack games because the payout ratios are too low. Regular wins pay only even money and blackjack wins pay 3 to 2. You do not get the big payout multipliers that are on offer in video poker or online slots. However, there is a Microgaming online blackjack variant called High Streak European Blackjack Gold Series that can deliver bigger payout ratios if you are willing to take a greater risk. You can play this game at online casinos like Spin Palace, Platinum Play and All Slots.

The detailed set of rules is available within the game. But some important rules need to be highlighted. High Streak European Blackjack is played with two decks. The dealer will be dealt only the face up card and cannot check for blackjack. The dealer will stand on all 17. The High Streak concept is more important and is discussed in detail.

To play the High Streak part of the game you have to place the separate High Streak bet. If you win, the payout is made for the main bet the High Streak bet moves to the 2nd Streak without any payout. You then place another main game bet. If you win a second consecutive game, the 2nd Streak win pays 1 to 1 instantly and the High Streak bet moves to the 3rd Streak. The 3rd Streak win will pay 2 to 1, the 4th Streak win will pay 5 to 1 and the 5th Streak win will pay 10 to 1. These wins have to be consecutive. If you lose any main game, then the High Streak bet is removed from the table and the cycle ends. The High Streak cycle also ends with the 5th Streak.

Some special eventualities may arise in the course of blackjack main game. The impact of these on the High Streak bet has to be considered. If there is a tie in the main game then the High Streak bet remains on the table without progressing. If you split your hand and then win one and lose the other it is treated as a tie.

You are not required to play through one High Streak cycle before starting the next. You can start a new cycle with any main game bet and have multiple High Streak bets on the table at the same time. If you win the main game then all the High Streak bets will pay their respective amounts. But if you lose any main game then all the High Streak bets on the table will lose.

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