British Columbia Hires NMi Gaming to Audit Online Gambling

There are several provinces in Canada that have some form of limited legal online gambling in place. Several of these have locally licensed the provincial lottery company to operate a limited online casino. Others have allowed online gambling sites to operate that are registered within the boundaries of a reservation inhabited by aboriginal peoples. One of the most progressive provinces, when it comes to legalized online gambling, is British Columbia. Indeed, it has been something of a guiding light for other provinces, and has done much for the online gambling cause in Canada.

The body most responsible for the success of online gambling sites in British Columbia is the Gaming, Policy, and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) of the local government. The GPEB has been extremely proactive in ensuring legalized online gambling in the province is handled properly. Towards this goal, it has just contractred NMi Gaming to manage the approval and application process for online casino sites in the province.

NMi Gaming is a professional auditing company that has years of experience in the online gambling market at an international level. NMi Gaming will use this experience to ensure that residents of British Columbia, and ultimately all of Canada, are covered by adequate online gambling legislation and monitoring.

Andrew Rosewarne, Director of NMi Gaming, has stated that, “The accreditation follows an extensive audit by GPEB spanning several months to establish the suitability of our people and systems, and we are pleased to be one of the few gaming labs able to operate at this level.”

This is very obviously extremely good news for Canadian online gamblers. The fact that the GPEB in British Columbia is making such a firm commitment to online gambling in the province, and that other provinces have traditionally followed the lead set by British Columbia when it comes to online gambling, then we can clearly see how the inclusion of NMi gaming into the process of running and monitoring British Columbia online casino sites, could have a significant knock on effect for the rest of Canada.

Canada has been in danger of lagging behind the USA when it comes to legalizing online gambling. However, if other Canadian provinces follow the example set by British Columbia, we could well see this situation negated, if not completely reversed in the short to medium term. Great news for Canadian online gamblers, and online gambling companies that wish to do business in Canada legally.

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