Two High Level Executives Have Stepped Down From Running a Local Lottery Company in Canada

We have just heard that a pair of top level executives from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company (OLG) and the British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC) have resigned from their jobs, leaving the online gambling industry in Canada behind.

The first of these executives is Michael Graydon, has spent that last six years as the CEO of the British Columbia Lottery Company, or BCLC for short. He has stated that he will be leaving the online gambling and online casino industry in Canada and moving into the private sector. He handed in his resignation of CEO of BCLC

For the second time this month, the leader of one of Canada’s largest gambling and lottery corporations is leaving for the private sector. Michael Graydon, who spent six years as CEO of the BCLC, tendered his resignation as of January 31 in which he stated he will pursue opportunities within the private sector. Bud Smith, the Chairman of the British Columbia Lottery Company, has said that, “Under Michael’s leadership, the corporation increased its revenue by $235 million while also significantly expanding its social responsibility programs.” So we are sure that BCLC is sad to see him go.

The other high level resignation we have heard about is Rod Philips, the CEO of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company that runs the state lottery and its own online casino. Once again, Rod, just like Michael, stated that he is going to shift to the private sector.

Both of these guys were major players in the online casino and online gambling market in Canada for many years. We can only presume that the currently unsettled state of online gambling in Canada has prompted them to change their paths. It is a shame to see both of these people move on, and the Canadian online gambling market lose their knowledge and expertise. We need people like this to help move online casino play forward in Canada, and help to make online gambling legal. However, despite this, we wish both Rod Philips and Michael Graydon the best of luck in their future endeavors, we are sure they will have great success wherever they choose to apply their expertise and talent. We will also bring news of the new CEO of both the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company and the British Columbia Lottery Company once we know who they will be in the coming weeks.

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