Bodog Online Casino Causes More Controversy in Canada over Gambling Advertising

Just last week we reported that Bodog online casino was going to attempt to try and attract more Canadian online gamblers, by instigating a major marketing campaign within the country. At the time, based upon the trouble that Bet365 online casino had gotten itself into the week before, by advertising during a football game, we predicted that Bodog would attract an awful lot criticism that this. Well, we were right.

Bodog online casino, like Bet365, have chosen major sporting events to be the vehicle for their advertising campaign. This campaign begun this week. Within a very short space of time, several key online gambling companies in Canada, including several provincial lottery companies, came forward to complain about this gambling advertising.

One of these online gambling companies, asked the question why this gambling advertising was taking place, within one of the largest public buildings in Canada, and advertising what is basically an illegal online casino service? Of course, this is a completely valid question, as online gambling is illegal in Canada, and Bodog online casino is breaking the law by offering its services internationally to Canadian online gamblers.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has lodged an official complaint about this gambling advertising that Bodog online casino has been running, and has asked that the playing field be levelled, so that provincial lottery companies can compete in the online gambling market with international online casino sites such as Bodog and Bet365 in the future.

We have to say though, that both Bet365 and Bodog online casino, have very possibly open a massive can of worms. Until now, both of these major online gambling companies were able to offer their services to Canadian online gamblers via the back door. Everybody knew it was going on, everybody knew it was illegal, yet everybody knew there was a very slim possibility that anyone would be prosecuted for it. And of course, both Bodog and Bet365 are secure in the fact that they are both registered offshore, and are not subject to Canadian gambling legislation. However, now, both Bet365 and Bodog online casino have drawn attention to themselves, and the way that international online casino sites do business with in Canada in general. There was no doubt that the provincial lottery Corporation’s that also run online gambling sites were going to stand up and complain over this online gambling advertising. We feel that both Bodog and Bet365 would have been better off maintaining the status quo.

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