Online Blackjack Variants For Experts

Online blackjack is a casino game requiring knowledge of correct strategy. But there are a few blackjack variants where the decision making goes well beyond the correct playing of the hand. These online blackjack variants attract expert players.

One of the games is European Blackjack Redeal that can be played at Microgaming online casinos like All Slots and Jackpot City. You may deploy optimum blackjack strategy but can still be beaten through the bad luck of being dealt an unlikely card. Blackjack Redeal allows you to redeal your hand, or the dealer’s hand or your last card under certain conditions and at a cost. You have to decide whether the price is worth the chance, not certainty, of getting favourable cards in the redeal.

The redeal options are as follows. Redeal My Hand eliminates all the cards dealt to the player and deals the two pocket cards again. Redeal Last Card eliminates the last card dealt to the player and deals a fresh one. Redeal Dealer Hand deals all dealer cards again. If the player busts then the dealer’s hand cannot be dealt again, but the other two options are available. There are no redeal options after a split or double down. At each stage of the game play the available redeal options are displayed on the screen along with the costs. The cost of the redeal is not added to the staked amount.

Cashback Blackjack is from Playtech that is live at online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino. At any stage in the game after the initial cards are dealt, a cashback value will be displayed on the screen. It will usually be less than the bet amount. You can claim the cashback amount and concede the game. Or you can ignore the cashback and play on. After your next move a different cashback value will be displayed depending on the changed circumstances. The expertise lies in balancing your chance winning with the certainty of the cashback offered.

There are two side bets in Cashback Blackjack. The first one is a common side bet that pays if the player is dealt a pair in the opening two cards. A disparate pair will pay 6:1. A same-coloured pair will pay 12:1 and a same-suited pair will pay 25:1. The 21 + 3 side bet is more interesting. It is based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s face up card and pays according to poker hand rankings. The maximum payout of 100:1 is for a suited three of a kind.

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