Now That Skrill Is No Longer Available For Online Gambling In Canada Neteller Is the Best Bet

Canadian online gamblers took a real hit recently, when Skrill, the top payment gateway that allows online casinos sites to offer it as a deposit and withdrawal method, pulled out of Canada. This is a repetition of exactly what happened when PayPal decided it would no longer offer its services to online casino sites some years back.

Now, without Skrill, what are Canadian online gamblers going to use as a payment processer? Sure, they have the option of funding their online casino account using direct bank transfer, or their credit and debit cards, but for many Canadian online gamblers who want to remain somewhat anonymous, a third party payment processor is preferable. There are plenty of small payment gateway available in Canada, but there is now only one major one left, and that is Neteller.

Neteller was in second place to Skrill as the top payment processor to use for Canadian online gamblers, but now it has moved up to first place. Neteller is similar to Skrill in that it offers an interface between the user’s bank account and an online casino site, but it is also different in many ways.

The main difference between Skrill and Neteller is the security procedures that Canadian online gamblers need to go through when they sign up for an account. Signing up with Neteller can be a painful process, as the company requires every new member to verify their identity before they can start using it to fund and online casino account. This means providing proof of address, which can take a little time, so Neteller isn’t available for use from the moment you sign up. That being said, this is as far as the security procedures go for new accounts, so once its done it’s over with.

Neteller doesn’t impose any transaction limits, unlike Skrill which limits new users. It is also very easy to use, almost as simple as PayPal has become. However, the downside of Neteller is that it is a little more expensive to use than Skrill used to be for Canadian online gamblers to fund their online casino account. That being said, we are not talking a major difference, only maybe one percent, so switching to Neteller isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg where Skrill was very cheap. Overall, Neteller is now the best payment gateway for Canadian online gamblers to use to fund their online casino account.

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