Microgaming High Speed Poker

If you are looking for a fast paced game that does not involve complicated strategy then you should consider High Speed Poker. It is available at Canadian online casinos powered by Microgaming, such as Royal Vegas, Jackpot City and Roxy Palace. High Speed Poker is a variant of the conventional 3 Card Poker game. There is a side bet that allows a second chance to win. It is available in Multi Hand format where you can play up to five hands against the same dealer hand.

As usual, you start by placing the Ante bet for all the hands that you want to play. You complete your moves for one hand before moving on to the next. Your first move is to decide whether or not to place the Bonus bet. After you exercise this option, three cards are dealt face up to you against each Ante wager. If the Bonus bet has been placed it is immediately settled without waiting for the outcome of the game. The payouts for the Bonus bet depend on the three cards dealt to you. Three cards of the same colour pay 2 to 1. Three cards of the same suit pay 6 to 1. Three cards of the same rank pay 27 to 1. In all other cases the Bonus bet loses.

You then have to decide whether you want to fold or continue playing. If you fold then you will lose the Ante bet and the game ends. If you play on then you will be required to place a Play bet that is equal to the Ante bet. Once you have played out all your hands then the dealer’s cards are turned over. Bets are settled by comparing each of your hands independently with the dealer’s hand.

The dealer qualifies with a Queen or higher. If the dealer does not qualify the Ante bet even money and the Play bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies and the player has the higher ranked hand then both bets pay even money. If the dealer qualifies and the hands are tied then both bets push. If the dealer qualifies and the dealer has the higher ranked hand then both bets lose. There is an Ante bonus payout for the Play bet on specified hands without any separate wager. Straight pays even money. Three of a kind pays 4 to 1. Straight flush pays 7 to 1. The Ante bonus will pay even if you lose as long as you have placed the Play bet.

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