Maximise Your Online Video Poker Returns

Video poker games are most popular at online casinos after slot machines. If you keep the following four tips in mind then you will be able to maximise your returns playing online video poker.

The first decision that you will have to take while playing online video poker is to select the number of coins that you want to bet. The options available are from 1 to 5 coins. The inviolable rule is to always wager 5 coins. With 5 coins wagered you will be eligible for a jackpot payout for royal flush. It would be stupid to miss out on this opportunity. If you have bankroll issues then reduce the coin denomination but never the number of coins.

There are a large number of video poker variants on offer at online casinos. If video poker will be your staple choice of game category then you should base your decision on average returns. Most of the common online video poker variants offer average returns between 98.5% and 99.5%. If you want to stay on top of the top then go for Jacks or Better. But you must beware of some video poker games with enticing features that offer average returns significantly lower that 98%. Two of these are Louisiana Double Poker offered from Microgaming and Pyramid Poker offered from Betsoft.

Video poker games require you to replace cards from your dealt hand giving you an opportunity to end up with a winning poker hand. This replacement requires considerable skill. If you replace cards randomly or indiscriminately then you will never reach near the theoretically possible high average returns. Read up on the optimum video poker strategy and play video poker in the demo mode for free, until you reach perfection. If you cannot remember the rules of the optimum strategy then you can refer to it while playing.

Multi hand video poker games are particularly thrilling, particularly if you like high volatility. Some Canadian online casinos offer video poker games in which you can play 100 hands at a time. You are first dealt one hand and you select the cards that you want to hold. The strategy remains the same as in single hand video poker games. The selected cards are transferred to all the hands. The remaining cards in each hand are dealt independently from separate decks. Each final hand is independently compared against the payout table. This increases the speed of game play tremendously. And if you get a good dealt hand, you are sure to hit a big payout.

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