Introduction To Live Dealer Baccarat

Live roulette and live blackjack games follow the same rules and game play as the RNG online variants. But this is not so with live dealer baccarat. The leading software providers to online casinos have developed innovative live dealer baccarat games, the more popular of which are discussed here.

Baccarat Pairs is among the simplest of the live baccarat games. It is known as Lucky Pairs at some live dealer casinos. The additions to RNG baccarat are two optional side bets based on pairs. One side bet wins if the first two cards dealt to the Player hand are a pair. The other side bet wins if the first two cards dealt to the Banker hand are a pair. You can bet on both side bets. The payout is 11 to 1. Some live dealer baccarat casinos have extended this concept. They offer a bet that wins if either the Player or the Banker has a pair. Another similar bet wins if both the Player and the Banker have a pair. Some RNG baccarat games include these bets now.

Dragon Bonus live dealer baccarat offers a side bet that is based on the margin of victory of the chosen hand. If the hand bet on loses, then the side bet loses. If the margin is 9 points then the payout is 30 to 1. As the margin of win falls, the payout decreases. The lowest payout is even money for a margin of 4 points. You must note that the side bet loses for margins of less than 4 points even if the chosen hand wins.

In Running Baccarat is where the real live dealer action is. It is an expert game similar to live play betting offered at online sports books. After each card dealt, the likelihood of a hand winning may change. Fresh odds are therefore posted based on the changed situation. You can place the initial bet as in a normal baccarat game. After the first card is dealt to the Player hand, new odds are generated by the software for the Player and the Banker winning and are displayed on the screen. You can place fresh bets at the new odds. You can now back a different hand if you want to. Then the first card is dealt to the Banker hand and the process is repeated. This goes on after each card till the game is over. All bets placed stand at the odds declared at that time. They are independently settled at the end of the game.

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