The Gaming Standards Association May Gain More Influence over the Canadian Online Gambling Market

The G2E Casino Industry Conference takes place soon in Las Vegas. One of the prime organizations that will be present and participating in the G2E Casino Industry Conference is the Gaming Standards Association.

The Gaming Standards Association is an organization that develops and defines standards for the online gambling industry. GSA developed standards are used by many online gambling sites, and also form the basis of many of the legal requirements that local governments place on these online gambling sites, including those in Canada.

At the G2E Casino Industry Conference this year, it is expected that the Gaming Standards Association will present some pretty interesting developments, and it is likely these developments will have ramifications on the legality of online gambling in many countries, including Canada.

Many organizations and online gambling companies in Canada use GSA developed standards as the basis for their operations. This includes The OLG, BLC, the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, Lotto Quebec and the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission. As we can see, the Gaming Standards Association has a pretty far reaching circle of experience, and one that is likely to grow as it presents its key facts at the G2E Casino Industry Conference in Las Vegas this year.

It was only a few short months ago that GWA came forth with a plan, that would take five years to bring the entire online gambling industry under its standards. It also launched its new Online Gaming Committee, and has begun a project on a new tool, the Compliance Verification Tool, that will allow online gambling companies and online casino sites to ensure they are working to GSA standards. This will obviously directly affect a whole range of Canadian online gambling companies, online casino sites and government organizations.

These new ideas on a set of global online gambling standards, as well as the Compliance Verification Tool, will no doubt form part of the information that the Gaming Standards Association will floor for discussion at the G2E Casino Industry Conference in Las Vegas later in the year.

Overall, the ramifications for the Canadian online gambling market are wide ranging, should these GSA standards be adopted globally. However, this would likely be a very positive step forward along the road to fully legal online gambling in Canada. This cannot be a bad thing, although the short-term impact would likely be somewhat problematic for most online casino operators.

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