Good Time For Canada Land Casinos Like Caesar Windsor

A recent report about Caesars Windsor Casino in Canada highlighted how online casinos are insulated from environmental changes, bot positively and negatively. Fortunately for Caesars Windsor the environmental impacts have been favourable. The profits have reversed direction and have begun to head upwards, breaking the norm of several years.

According to records of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in the public domain, the revenue of Caesars Windsor dropped from $273 million in 2009 to $236 million in 2014. The figures of the recent upswing in revenues are not available, but those of American crossing into Canada by road have been reported. The number for June 2015 was nearly 50,000 more than for May 2015 and about 90,000 more than for June 2014. Most of these tourists came to Canada to gamble at land casinos like Caesars Windsor.

One of the key environmental changes was the strengthening of the American economy and the resulting weakening of the Canadian dollar with respect to the US currency. Tourists coming into Canada confirmed that the low Canadian dollar had played a part in their being attracted to come there to shop and gamble. Lower gas prices in the recent months have also encouraged road travel to Canada. Bill Baker, owner and operator of WE Trolley Tours and Beachside Eats and Treats in Colchester said that the introduction of stricter border regulations in 2009 had led to a recession in the Canadian casino and tourism industries. That looks as if it changing.

Jhoan Baluyot, spokeswoman for Caesars Windsor, stated that the casino is actively promoting the favourable exchange rate in the US using billboards and radio ads. Apart from the fact that Americans are now getting more for their dollar, they are also benefiting from tax-free winnings at the casino. Caesars Windsor has had about 85% occupancy on weekdays and has been full at weekends.

Caesars Windsor is not the only casino to benefit. Windsor is just across the river from Detroit and gets a fair size of tourists from America. Windsor casino hotels have seen a 12% increase in occupancy and this year and Windsor also hit the top 20 list of most visited cities in Canada. The same scenario is being played out in other parts of Canada as well.

Unfortunately these factors do not affect business at online casinos. At the best online casinos you wager in your own currency, no matter from where the site is operating and so exchange rate fluctuations do not matter. Also you wager from home so you do not incur travel costs any way.

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