Deuces Wild Explained For New Online Casino Players

Deuces Wild is a variant of video poker that can be played at all Canadian online casinos powered by Microgaming and Playtech. The deuces have the face value of two, but can alternatively act as wild cards. They can substitute for any other card in order to make the highest possible poker ranking hand. This article explains the game play of the video poker variant and some basic principles of the optimum Deuces Wild strategy.

The presence of a wild card offers an obvious advantage to the player. Therefore, the payouts begin with three of a kind and not the customary jacks or better. The presence of the wild card also creates three new hand rankings between straight flush and natural royal flush. Five of a kind is a regular four of a kind hand with the fifth card being a wild deuce. Wild royal flush is royal flush made with the help of a deuce. A hand that has four deuces has a different higher payout than the regular four of a kind.

As in all online video poker games, Deuces Wild has to be played with optimum strategy in order to secure the very high average returns on offer. The first point is that you should always play with five coins. This is because with five coins natural royal flush pays at 800 to 1 instead of 250 to 1 when fewer coins are wagered.

The more difficult part of the Deuces Wild optimum strategy is deciding which cards to hold from the dealt hand. This is explained according to the number of deuces in the dealt hand. The more material of the situations are discussed here. When dealt three deuces you hold all the cards if they make a royal flush or five of a kind with cards ranked at ten or higher. Otherwise you hold the card which is ranked at 10 or higher and replace the fifth card in the hope of getting a wild royal flush.

With two dealt deuces in the initial hand, you hold all cards if they give a hand ranking of four of a kind or higher. Optimum strategy dictates that you must then hold cards that make up four cards to a royal flush. After that you hold cards that make a straight flush with the lowest card being a six. If none of the above is possible then you hold the two deuces and replace the remaining three cards.

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