Canadian Video Poker

Video poker machines can be found in just about every land and online casino. When players access a Canadian online casino that is powered by reliable software, they will be impressed with the collection of video poker games that are offered. Most online casinos will have at least five variations of the game, with some having more than 10. These games have been very popular for many years. Video poker games actually offer players the best odds in the casino, which is why they are chosen by many players who are looking for a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Playing Canadian video poker is pretty simple and these are great games for beginners. While there are some basic rules and strategies, just about any player who has an understanding of five card poker will be able to enjoy video poker games. Regardless of the variation chosen, video poker games all work in the same manner. Players will be dealt five cards and their goal is to create the best possible poker hand from the cards. Each variation of the game will have different pay tables, so players should pay attention to these when they are selecting a game to play.

Video poker has become one of the top played games in any online casino and providers are always working to develop something exciting for these players. One of the recent video poker offerings is a multi-hand version of the game. These can be found in Microgaming and Playtech casinos as well as in some other sites using various software. With these games, players will be playing more than one hand of the game at a single time. This makes it possible to bet and win on anywhere from 1 to 100 hands of video poker. These multi-hand games really increase the action of video poker while providing players many more chances to create winning hands.

There are also Canadian video poker games that are linked to progressive jackpots. With these games, players will have to get a certain hand to win the progressive amount. They may also have to place a maximum wager, so players should make sure they understand the betting options when playing progressive games. No matter which type of video poker machine players choose, they will be sure to have a wonderful gambling experience online.

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