Canadian Gambling Defaulter Tracked By Singapore Casino

A matter concerning a Canadian gambler Jian Tu and a Singapore casino the Marina Bay Sands is playing out in a Canadian court. Because it is an international issue that is likely to set a precedent for judgments down the line, it is being closely followed by the global casino industry. The crux of the matter is that Tu is trying to wriggle out of a gambling debt, but the court is not receptive to his tactics.

The matter has its genesis in a practice followed by land casinos. High roller players are given a line of credit and allowed to settle after a period of play. This eliminates the difficulty and risk in moving large sums of money frequently to and from land casinos. But this practice carries its own risk. Sometimes players run up a large debt and then renege on the payment. Tu is one such player.

The case started in early 2013. Tu played at the Marina Bay Sands Casino and was given a credit limit of just under $10 million. In the end Tu ended about $11.1 million in the red. He did not square up his debt. The Marina Bay Sands Casino located Jian Tu in a town outside of Toronto and filed a case against him to seize his assets. Tu continued to offer resistance. He moved to have the court case dismissed on the claim that the agreement between him and the casino was that financial disputes would fall in the jurisdiction of in Singapore courts. After all, the debts were incurred in Singapore. Judge Sean Dunphy of the Ontario Superior Court ruled against Tu. He also put on record that he did not believe claims that Tu never received notice from the Marina Bay Sands on his outstanding debt. The judge also observed that Tu had no legitimate defense and his attempt to have the court case dismissed was just a tactic to delay the proceedings. The judge was aided by a list of casinos in Ontario and abroad where Tu has defaulted.

The case is interesting in that a casino has chosen to act in the debtor’s home country. The proceedings are pending in the High Court in Singapore as well in a bid to confirm the liabilities there. Now that this move by Tu has been scuttled, the focus is likely to shift to the main business of seizure of Tu’s assets to settle his debts.

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