Canadian Online Gambling Company Bovada is Pulling out of Nevada and Delaware

Canadian entrepreneur, Calvin Ayre, the man who opened the one time online gambling giant Bodog, which also owns the online poker site Bovada, has decided to stop offering online poker play in Delaware and Nevada. This comes hot on the heels of Canadian based Bovada pulling out of New Jersey. This effectively means that Bovada has completely exited the newly emerging legal online gambling market in the USA.

Bovada is following the path taken by many large international online gambling companies, with regard to pulling out of the new markets in the USA. Potentially, the reason for this, is so that they do not fall foul of any bad actor clause, should they wish to apply for an online gambling license in the USA in the future.

Canadian Bovada has done something a little different from most though. It has stopped new player signups in the USA, and it is also blocking new deposits from existing members in the USA. However, it is not stopping players with a positive balance from playing at its online poker site, they can still play, and still withdraw. This offers a much more elegant exit for loyal p[layers, compared to other online poker sites, that just forced their members to withdraw their account balance straight away.

Just recently, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, sent a cease and desist letter to a large number of online gambling affiliates. This clearly stated that they would no longer be allowed to advertise unlicensed offshore online gambling sites alongside legally licensed ones in New Jersey.

Canadian founded Bodog, and later Bovada, has a history of flying in the face of authority. However, originally, Bodog was planned to be a general online entertainment company, it simply drifted towards more of an online gambling, and later online poker flavor.

To see Bovada take the wishes of the New Jersey regulators to heart, as well as preemptively withdrawing from Delaware and Nevada, is actually quite a surprise. If you had asked us to name an online gambling site that was most likely to ignore the USA regulators and their wishes, we would probably have picked Bovada.

This is, of course, bad news for USA based online poker players, as it means that one of the best online poker sites will be closing its doors to them, actually it already has, just not too firmly. We will wait and see whether Bovada tries to get a USA online poker license in the future.

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