A Comparison of Online Gambling In the USA and Online Gambling In Canada

Canada and the USA are possibly the two most similar countries in the world, although this statement may well upset some Canadians and Americans. The simple fact remains that culturally, legally, economically and geographically these two nations exhibit many similar traits.

These way in which these two great nations do differ is in the way each of the handles the legality of online gambling and online casino sites within its borders. Superficially, the national taking on online gambling laws seems similar between both Canada and the USA. Nether country has firm national online gambling laws in place, instead these gambling laws are drafted and enforced locally at State level in the USA and Provincial level in Canada.

The main difference between online gambling laws in Canada, and those in the USA lays in the fact that Canada has done very little to enforce these laws, almost nothing at all. Although it generally remains illegal for a Canadian citizen to play at an online casino site, or take part in any other form of online gambling, not a single person in Canada has ever been convicted of this offence. In the USA on the other hand, it was only around 18 months ago that hundreds of professional online poker players were forced to relocate outside of the USA (with Canada being one of the favored relocation options) in order to continue their careers.

So we have two countries that tend to view online gambling laws in a similar fashion, both of which handle the drafting of new laws that regulate online gambling and online casino operators, but one of them does almost nothing to enforce these laws at an individual level.

Of course, Canada does take action against companies that are operating online casino sites within its borders, yet although it does have gambling laws in place to actually prosecute members of the public, it has never done so to date.

So, although the definitive legal position of online gambling, and players who like to play at online casino sites is similar between Canada and America, people living in Canada have a far easier time, as it is highly unlikely that they will ever be arrested, let along prosecuted, for playing at an online casino. Whilst in the USA, people have been regularly punished for infringing upon America’s online gambling laws at an individual level.

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