Canada Carrying Out Research On Online Gambling Behavior

The Responsible Gambling Trust of Canada (RGT) has commissioned PwC to carry out research on online gambling behavior in the country. In this assignment PwC will work with Canada’s Responsible Gambling Council and online gambling operators. Last year RGT had commissioned a similar research into customer behavior with respect to gaming machines in licensed betting offices. The results of this project were published by RGT in December 2014. The new research will complement the earlier one by focusing on analytics pertaining to remote online gambling operators.

PwC will explore the behavioral analytics and industry-held data to see what the potential for online gambling related harm is. The study will be carried out in two phases. In the first phase of the research project PwC will work with Canada’s Responsible Gambling Council and engage with the online gambling operators that have consented to participate in the research. The objective of this phase is to understand the existing processes that online gambling operators have in place for controlling and minimizing problem gambling related harm. In the second phase PwC will analyze the industry data and control systems and recommend practical applications that will help minimize the harm accruing to Canadian online casino players.

PwC was selected for this assignment through a tender process, which was floated by RGT in March 2015. RGT had invited proposals from all organizations that had the relevant experience and expertise for such an assignment. PwC won the tender process and were commissioned to carry out the research project which is expected to take approximately eighteen months to complete. Marc Etches, Chief Executive of RGT, said, “RGT is committed to commissioning research that will help them to understand player behaviour and improve the processes that are available in the industry to mitigate gambling-related harm." He went on to say that RTG are confident that this new research program will make a valuable contribution to the efforts that are being put in place to minimize gambling related harm in the online sector.

David Trunkfield, PwC Partner and Betting & Gaming Leader, also released a statement on this occasion. He said, “We are delighted to be working with the RTG on this important online gambling research program because doing the right things for society is central to PwC’s purpose.” He said that by pooling their resources, PwC and RGT will be able to come up with practical recommendations to improve the identification and mitigation of gaming-related harm.

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