Arcade Online Casino Games From Microgaming

You will not find many arcade based casino games. There are only two in the massive Microgaming portfolio. But Max Damage and the Alien Attack and Poke the Guy are fantastic titles, both in conception and in execution. You can play them at Canadian online casinos like Roxy Palace, Royal Vegas and All Slots.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is an online casino arcade game that is totally interactive and involve physical dexterity along with mental alertness. It is a branded title based on popular retro arcade games series Max Damage. The game play is accompanied by premium graphics and high quality sound effects. The player controls a spaceship and has to destroy alien ships. You start with six lives. If an alien ship sneaks past you then a life is lost. On the other hand boosters are awarded to enhance life, health, shield and damage. You can also earn weapon upgrades to increase your fire power. You win payouts by destroying alien ships and by killing the alien boss. Payouts can also be won by collecting blockades, nukes, wormholes, free missiles and laser boosters. Once you complete a level, you move to the next one as in real arcade games. In the higher levels the game play will become more difficult for the player. The game consists of nine levels. A leader board displays the top player scores.

Poke the Guy is an arcade game that features a wacky character called the Guy. He is a monster terrorising the city. You have to vanquish him and save the world. The game play is accompanied by freaky animations. To add to the quirkiness of the arcade game you are given some really crazy weapons. They include rubber duck, fish, fruit and kitchen knife. You select a weapon, fit it in the catapult and select from the range of bet values available for that missile. After you have set up the game in this manner, you click the electrified slingshot and aim the missile towards the Guy. The giant with his awkward and comical movements will try to avoid being hit. In the process Guy will stomp on the on the city’s landmarks that include the likes of Eiffel Tower and the Sphinx. If you hit Guy, you will be awarded a random multiplier for the bet amount that can be as much as 500x. Poke The Guy has also been optimised for mobile gaming, so you can have play it on your smartphones and tablets.

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