An Open Letter to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company – Please Save Canadian Online Gambling

Dear Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company,

This is an open letter to you, calling on you, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company (or OLG for short), to pick up the torch, and become the leading light in legal Canadian online gambling.

Us, as Canadian online gamblers, face a very bad situation. Online gambling is still illegal here in Canada, unless we play at an online gambling site that is licensed locally. This means that we need to live in a location, where we have the local lottery company, such as ourselves OLG, offering an online casino site to play at.

But the problem is, companies such as yourselves, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company, still seem to be stuck in the lottery part of your company name. We would love to play at your online casino site, but quite frankly, it doesn’t even begin to compare to the large international online casino sites such as All Slots, Platinum Play and even the locally targeted Maple Casino. So what do we do? We break the law, hoping we will never get caught, to play at these fully featured international online gambling sites, because, they are more fun!

We notice that the OLG has just signed a deal with Optimal Payments, to make it easier for local residents to deposit and withdraw funds into and from their online casino accounts. We applaud this move, especially since Skrill deserted us at the end of January.

This is why we are looking at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company to start setting the path, a path that can be followed by other provincial lottery companies, to begin offering proper, completely legal, online gambling to Canadian online gamblers. We are sure the OLG read the same research we did, that shows clearly that the younger generation are not really interested in your lottery product. You must know by now, that the only way you continue to make revenue, is by providing us, the Canadian online gamblers, with a fully legal online casino site to play at. If you make it as fun to play at as the major online casino sites that offer their services internationally, we will play at it, we will.

So dear OLG, please save us, we are here, waiting for a good legal online casino site to play at. The ball is in your court now.

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