Amaya Gaming Group to Buy PokerStars

Amaya Gaming Group of Canada sure know show to make noise. Since its inception around two years ago, it has been involved in more high profile merger and acquisitions than any other online gambling company, often these were quite aggressive acquisitions as well.

However, about a year ago, things went very quiet with Canadian based Amaya, and many people thought this online gambling company had burned itself out. This is simply not true though, as Amaya as back with a splash, with yet another incredible acquisition target. This time the online poker giant PokerStars.

This is a very strange deal indeed. A real David and Goliath situation, as Amaya Gaming Group is a far smaller company than PokerStars. Indeed, PokerStars is the largest online poker site in the world, as well as one of the largest online gambling companies. Amaya Gaming Group is an online gambling software developer, the company has never run an online casino or online poker site before. So as we can see, this is strange. Then we need to consider the price, a massive $4.9 billion price that Amaya Gaming Group is going to pay for the online poker site PokerStars, a larger price than Amaya is actually valued at!

However, when we read between the lines, there are some massive background investors involved in this deal, so Amaya Gaming Group is being clever here, getting other investors to buy PokerStars for it!

So why is this deal happening? To answer this question we probably need to look at the emerging American online gambling market, and specifically online poker. Two or more years ago, most large online poker companies were kicked out of the USA. One that stayed and continued to offer online gambling and online poker to US citizens was PokerStars. Now, with a fully legal online gambling market opening up in the USA, many of the online gambling companies that ignored the legal issues, and continued to offer online poker American people, now find they are being denied a chance at obtaining one of the new USA online gambling licenses. But Amaya Gaming Group has no such problem, it is already licensed in the USA. It is entirely possible that this whole deal has been set up to enable PokerStars to offering fully legal online poker to American citizens, by piggybacking into a USA online gambling license due to being owned by Amaya Gaming group, a company that already has a USA online gambling license.

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