A Strategy For Online Slots Gamble Game

You will find a feature called Gamble Game in many online slots from Microgaming and Playtech. It is an optional feature that you have the choice of activating after any winning spin. You will stake the payout in the Gamble Game. If you win then the payout will be suitably multiplied. However, if you lose in the Gamble Game, then your payout from the slots spin will be lost. You do not have to activate the Gamble Game. You can collect your payout and move to the next spin. The payout won in the Gamble Game can be repeatedly staked and the feature activated again, until you lose or until the specified limit of the payout is reached. Most important is the fact that the Gamble Game offers mathematically correct odds. There is no house edge for the online casinos in this feature.

Does this mean that the correct slots strategy is to activate the gamble game and keep doing so till you bust or reach the limit? There is no “correct” strategy. Your actions ought to be dictated by the level of risk that you want to take. A middle path approach is described in this article. Since the Gamble Game is played differently in the Microgaming and the Playtech online slots, the approach will be different in each case.

In the Playtech Gamble Game you have the choice of staking either your entire payout from the slots spin or staking half the payout and collecting the remaining half. Then you will be dealt one card face up and four cards face down. You have to pick one of the face down cards. If it is ranked higher than the face up card then the staked amount is doubled, otherwise it is lost. Staking half the amount is a reasonable approach. You are assured of retaining at least half your winnings, even if you lose in the Gamble Game. You can then risk the other half to try and increase your winnings.

In the Microgaming Gamble Game you have to wager the total payout from the spin. Hence you do not have the safety net offered by Playtech. You can choose to guess the colour of the next card dealt. If you succeed then the payout will be doubled. Or you can choose to guess the suit of the next card dealt. If you succeed then the payout will be quadrupled. If you guess wrong then you lose the payout. If your winning in the slots spin is more than your bet, you are already ahead and can avoid taking more risks. If your wings are less than the bet you can try to make amends through the Gamble Game.

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