Why Microgaming Online Blackjack Games Are Better

As such all Canadian online casinos offer blackjack games. But if you are a hard core blackjack player you should head for Microgaming powered online casinos like All Slots, Maple Casino or Royal Vegas. The blackjack spread offered is far superior in many ways.

No online casino software provider can match the blackjack variety that Microgaming offers. The dedicated blackjack players prefer the no frills games offered at land casinos. Most software providers offer American Blackjack and European Blackjack. But Microgaming recognises that the blackjack rules differ slightly in the different land casino hotspots in the United States. So Microgaming online casinos offer Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack. Most Microgaming online blackjack variants are available in multi-hand versions as well. You can play up to five hands against the dealer and thereby increase the speed of the game play. For players who like a flavour of the exotic in their blackjack, there are variants with side bets. Some of the titles are Blackjack Redeal and High Streak Blackjack.

Microgaming offers more functions in its online blackjack variants than other software providers. There is the usual game speed and sound control customisations. Microgaming online casinos also store every blackjack deal that you have played. The PlayCheck feature allows you to access past deals so that you can check how you played in a particular situation and what the result was. The Statistics function compares played hands of a session in an unimaginable number of ways.

The biggest advantage by far of Microgaming online blackjack is the strategy card. Blackjack has to be played using optimum strategy to deliver the high average returns possible. If you do not make the correct moves you can end up with a considerably lower average returns. Online blackjack strategy is impossible to reason out at the table because it is derived through computer simulation. Also it is difficult to memorise particularly if you play different online blackjack games, because each variant has a different optimum strategy.

The optimum blackjack strategy can be read from a card that is in the format of a table. Each Microgaming blackjack variant includes the strategy card for that variant. By checking the strategy card before each move, you can ensure correct play throughout. Microgaming blackjack goes one step further. You can set the game on auto play for a number of deals with the same bet. The software will automatically pick up the correct move from the strategy card.

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