Online Casino Stud And Draw Poker

Canada online casinos offer a category of games that are commonly referred to as Casino Poker games. These are based on the usual poker hand rankings, but you do not play against other players as in poker cash games or tournaments. You play against the house, either through a hand dealt to the dealer or a payout table. The two most popular Casino Poker games are Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Draw Poker. You will find them at Microgaming online casinos like Maple Casino, All Slots and Platinum Play.

In online Caribbean Stud Poker you first place the ante bet. You will be dealt five cards face up. The dealer’s hand will have one card face up and four cards face down. At this stage you can fold, lose the ante bet and end the game. If you want to play on then you have to place a play bet, which is two times the ante bet. The dealer’s full hand is exposed. The dealer needs an ace-king or better to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify you are paid even money on the ante bet and the play bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies the hands are compared on the basis of poker hand rankings. If the dealer has the better hand, you lose both bets. If both hands are of the same rank, then both bets push. If you have the better hand you are paid even money on the ante bet and the play bet is paid according a payout table. In order to maximise your returns, you have to follow the given optimum strategy. If you do not have the dealer’s qualifying hand then you must fold. If you hold a pair or higher ranked hand then you must raise. If you hold just the dealer’s qualifying hand then your move depends on the dealer’s face up card.

Online Caribbean Draw Poker starts in the same manner. Again, you can fold and lose the ante bet. To continue with the game, you place the play bet, which is twice the ante bet. Then, the game is played differently. You can replace up to two of your cards. After you exercise this option, the dealer’s remaining cards are exposed. The dealer automatically draws up to two cards. Because cards are replaced, the dealer’s qualifying hand is higher ranked. He requires a pair of eights or better to qualify. The winning hand is decided and payouts made in exactly the same way as in Caribbean Stud Poker. You should never exercise the fold option in Caribbean Draw Poker, but you need to learn the strategy for replacing the cards.

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